SEKAN - Consciously Reimagining Skincare and Beauty

SEKAN - Consciously Reimagining Skincare and Beauty
By Ishtar Mubarak
B.Sc. Cosmetology & Psychology

Think about this: human beings are dangerously approaching the 8 billion population mark [1]. It is estimated that each person generates 5.91 pounds worth of trash on a daily basis, with 4.4 becoming waste[2]. A huge chunk of that whopping population figure represents customers who are eager to improve their skin in the split of a second (and no matter what). This “desperate” need has been further reinforced by western beauty standards that revolve around the perfection ideal. Evidently, the cosmetic industry has been under a lot of pressure to satisfy customers´ unrealistic demands. That same pressure has transformed itself into a one-of-a-kind opportunity to cash in.

And then, skincare —and personal care too— became extremely complex. What we are witnessing now are beauty routines that call for the application of 11 products, with their corresponding inkey lists of 20+ ingredients. Most of them have undergone long processes that have modified both the structure and action of their original source. Others, as you can expect, are manufactured synthetically at the lab, and have no place in Nature.

Even though the number of brands that pertain to the Clean Beauty movement has considerably increased during the past 10 years, something important —we would even dare to say crucial— has been lost along the way and that is: making skin health accessible to all (while causing minimum environmental impact).

Modern skincare regimes are so complicated that they are practically unfeasible to maintain, unless you have a lot of time and money to spare. The unbelievable bulk of information that is readily available generates even more confusion. We no longer know who we should believe in, listen to and even trust. There is a lot of contradiction “in the air” as well. We are being told to eat a diet that maximizes the consumption of unprocessed foods, but that same concept is not being applied to cosmetics.

Additionally, no special attention is being paid to what goes behind the manufacture of raw materials and beauty formulas. Sustainability claims should always go hand in hand with solid actions. Since the amount of energy, resources and waste is of great concern, then much more active steps should be taken to reduce the number of ingredients, to simplify their production and to protect endangered plant species.

Our ever-growing frustration with the intricacy as well as lack of efficacy and commitment of the beauty industry is what motivated us to venture into the wonderful world of mindful skincare. And this is how SEKAN Beauty came to be. We drew inspiration from our family history and the beauty rituals of the Pacific Islands, which have a special place in our hearts.

SEKAN´s goal is not only to innovate, but to show experts and consumers alike that it is possible to reimagine the concept of skincare and beauty in a much more conscious —or should we say mindful— way. We do so by implementing the following measures:
  • Using only results-oriented, plant-based, and renewable ingredients that have been proven effective and safe by science.
  • Offering these ingredients in a form that is the closest to that found in Nature.
  • Showcasing coconut oil as our star ingredient, given its wonderful properties and status as a staple food and cosmetic ingredient across different cultures.
  • Steering clear of petrochemicals, fillers, silicones, colorants, etc. We are 100% active and 100% natural, 100% of the time.
  • Keeping the total amount of ingredients to a maximum of 6.
  • Emphasizing long-term, skin wellness instead of short-lived “perfection”.
  • Producing formulas that are multitasking and that cater to all skin types, while boosting customers´ confidence from the inside-out.
  • Designing minimalistic routines that are easy to follow and maintain.
  • Making skin and personal care affordable without compromising the results.
  • Carrying out testing on human guinea pigs. We champion the cruelty free cause.
  • Using recyclable and/or reusable packaging whenever possible.
  • Educating consumers so that they can make informed choices when purchasing cosmetic products.
  • Promoting an understanding that radiant skin goes beyond cosmetic formulas as it also entails proper nutrition, exercise, fresh air, stress management, healthy relationships, among many other factors.
  • Creating a working environment that fosters empowerment of individuals and allows them to achieve their full potential.
We at SEKAN believe it is possible to make a positive change in the beauty industry by being mindful of the way we satisfy our skin needs. Uncomplicated formulas & routines, minimally processed and ethically sourced ingredients are at the core of our values and we are not stopping there. We promise to keep innovating and evolving to ensure that our products are at the cutting edge of sustainable and green technology. We have shifted the focus from skin perfection to skin health for continued wellbeing. And we have managed to do so while remaining socially responsible and preserving Mother Earth´s assets for future posterity.





Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels